A San Francisco Airport Now Has A 'Therapy Pig' To Greet Travelers

Anxious travelers, it's time to rejoice. An airport in San Francisco has added one special volunteer to its team who can make any heart sing - a therapy pig named LiLou.

Therapy Pig 1

To ease the stress travelers so often endure, especially around the holidays, the San Francisco International Airport adopted the 2-year-old Juliana pig into its Wag Brigade, an Animal Assisted Therapy program with a group of joyous animals who roam the terminals helping out passengers during tense times. LiLou is the first pig to join the program, which includes mostly dogs.

Therapy Pig 3

She's not hard to spot either. The little lady dons red nail polish, a captain's hat, sometimes a tutu, sometimes wings, and a blue vest that reads "Pet Me!"

"Most people are so excited to see LiLou," says owner Tatyana Danilova. "You can see a serious facial expression turn into amazement and then stretch into a huge smile.

It's probably safe to say LiLou has everyone at the airport squealing with happiness!