An Earthworm Was Put To Death For Science After He Wriggled His Way Into Record Books

There's a new addition to the UK record books, and though he may not have completed a daunting challenge, he stunned experts so much that they killed him off in the name of science.

Dave was a 40-centimeter (15.7-inch) worm who weighed 26 grams. His wriggling body was found in a vegetable patch in Widnes, Cheshire by Paul Rees, whose stepson, George, came up with the brilliant name.

Dave Worm 2

"I was bowled over by the size of this worm when I opened the plastic box they sent it in,"said Natural History museum scientist Emma Sherlock in a press release. "Not only is it really long, it is almost twice as heavy as any other wild earthworm ever seen, weighing the same as a small chocolate bar."

Though he had the potential to wow us all even more, scientists at the Natural History Museum preserved him in a jar that will be "around for ever more" with an appropriate label that reads "known as Dave."

Dave Worm 1

The former longest Scottish worm was just 39.6 centimeters (15.6 inches) and weighed no more than 12.6 grams - no match for Dave! Experts aren't quite sure how he grew to be so heavy and long for a worm, but Sherlock believes that Rees' vegetable plot must have been "incredibly fertile and well-drained" with "decaying matter quickly recycled back into the soil."

Dave will always live on in our hearts. Rest in peace, Dave.