Doctors Found Something They Never Imagined Inside This Teen's Ovary: A Brain

Even the most experienced doctors in the world sometimes come across medical mysteries and discoveries that just can't be explained. And when they can be backed up by science, they're still more than often shocking to the average human. That's just the case of what happened with a 16-year-old in Japan who entered a hospital with acute appendicitis and found out she had a brain inside her ovary.

Ovary brain

The findings, published in the journal Neuropathology, describe a remarkable discovery. After the young woman was brought into the hospital for emergency surgery, doctors found two cystic tumors - one of which was the size of a golf ball and the other the size of a baseball. Keep in mind the patient had no symptoms in regard to these tumors. Three months later when the teen returned to have the tumors removed, doctors found what one should never have inside their ovary: a skull-like plate of bone, clumps of hair, and what appeared to be part of a brain.

Ovary brain 3

Ovarian tumors like these, called teratomas, are actually fairly common - though it's extremely rare to find one with well-organized brain cells, let alone three layers of the cerebellar cortex. Usually, teratomas are harmless.

The young woman has since had the tumor removed and is reportedly recovering well! Can't get enough of odd medical findings? This nearly 2-million-year-old human cancer found in a toe bone will make your head spin!