A New Species Of Colorful Spiders Was Discovered In Australia

You might still call them creepy, but these seven newly discovered species of Australian peacock spiders are beautiful.

The colorful new finds, with a tiny size of 2.5 to 5 millimeters in length, boast intense and vibrant colors on their abdomens that are used as part of mating calls.

Peacock Spider - 3

"Each one of these species has an interesting mating behaviour, says Sydney biologist J├╝rgen Otto, who discovered the species. "The males usually have flaps on the side of the body that they can expand to reveal their colourful, patterned abdomen. The female sits close to the male and watches him. If a female likes a particular colour or variant, she will mate with that male. That is how these beautiful patterns evolve."

Otto, who works as a mite expert for the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, has chased the peacock spider for 11 years.