This House Was Built In Just 24 Hours, Thanks To Incredible Technology

Though it's not the first building created by 3D printers, this 3D-printed home is not only the first residential space, it was also created entirely on site and built in just 24 hours.

3D printer house 24 hours

Located in the town of Stupino outside of Moscow, Russia, the home is the brainchild of Apis Cor, a San Francisco-based company that will stop for nothing in the sluggish construction industry "until everyone is able to afford a place to live." And so far, it seems that the company is pretty serious about that goal - the new 3D-printed home costs just $10,000.

And though the 400-square-foot home may be on the smaller side, it does contain all the essentials you'd typically find in a home, like a kitchen, bedroom, windows, and modern appliances. Plus, Apis Cor claims that the space will last up to a whopping 175 years.

Unlike other 3D-printed projects, this home was assembled as a whole in one place, as opposed to being built as separate and pre-printed pieces. The printer can even function in frigid weather as low as negative 31 degrees Fahrenheit. See it action below!