This Man And His Blind Cat Climbed Ireland’s Highest Mountain For Charity

There’s nothing that can stop this blind cat, not even Ireland’s tallest mountain.

The blind rescue cat, named Stevie, was adopted from a local shelter in Cork, Ireland about four years ago by Patrick Corr. Since then, the inseparable pair – along with Corr’s twin brother, Eoghan – have been on a mission to “give back to the people who make it their life’s work to helping animals in need.” And so, they decided to head on a journey unlike any other.

After months of planning and with the support of family and friends, the three decided to go on a sponsored hike up Carrauntoohil, a 3,406-foot mountain in County Kerry, Ireland, in an effort to raise funds for local animal shelters.

The trio took four cameras with six bags of gear, and Corr even recorded the climb to spread the message that though “sometimes life faces you with many obstacles and the way always isn’t clear” you always have to push forward because “anything is possible.”

In the end, they were able to raise more than $1,700 for animals in need!